Film wedding photography

A mix of images from different weddings in 2023. Film includes Kodak Gold , Portra 400 & Tri-X .

 Lucy posing in her wedding dress for analogue photography in the UK. Groom getting ready at the Cambo Estate in Edinburgh.


Hannah and Nick saying their vows on the hill in edinburgh, Scotland.


Olivia wearing traditional Chinese wedding dress posing for film photos in Scotland.



Film wedding photographer in the UK capturing an intimate wedding at the Botanic Gardens.





       Wedding meal photographer by analogue film wedding photographer in the UK.


Chinese bride and Scottish groom posing for analogue photos in Edinburgh.



Bride and groom captured on 35mm film wedding photography.

Elegant pitches tent wedding reception at the Cambo House.



Black and white photos from a wedding in Scotland.

Light captured in the glasshouse at the Colstoun House in Scotland.

Analogue photography of wedding flowers at a wedding in Scotland.