Film wedding photography

Chinese bride and Scottish groom posing for analogue photos in Edinburgh.The first time I used my old film camera at a wedding was for Olivia & Declan’s Scottish-Chinese celebrations in Edinburgh. The couple, passionate about analogue photography, asked if I could capture a few images on a 35mm film. I thoroughly enjoyed the process and decided to include film wedding photography in my packages.

Analogue photography isn’t always picture-perfect, but that’s actually an advantage over digital. Some shots might turn out a bit blurry or overexposed, and that’s part of the charm. Unlike the flawless look of digital pictures, analogue photos have a unique, authentic, and nostalgic vibe. In today’s world filled with AI-generated content, it’s becoming challenging to distinguish what’s real and what’s not. Film photography stands out by embracing its imperfections, reminding us of the real and raw beauty in moments captured on film. The process of developing film adds to the whole experience, making it more genuine and connected to the memories being preserved.

I use several film cameras at weddings— Nikon F100,  manual Praktika MTL, and Olympus XA4 point & shoot. My favorite films for wedding photography are Kodak Gold and Portra 400, or Ilford HP5 for black and white photos.

Below a mix of analogue images from different weddings in Scotland.

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 Lucy posing in her wedding dress for analogue photography in the UK. Groom getting ready at the Cambo Estate in Edinburgh. Wedding ceremony at the Melville Castle.

Analogue wedding photo taken with best 35mm film for wedding photography. Bride doing her vows at a wedding on the family farm. Hannah and Nick saying their vows on the hill in edinburgh, Scotland.  Olivia wearing traditional Chinese wedding dress posing for film photos in Scotland.  Film wedding photographer in the UK capturing an intimate wedding at the Botanic Gardens.   

  Wedding meal photographer by analogue film wedding photographer in the UK. 
Bride and groom captured on 35mm film wedding photography.
Elegant pitches tent wedding reception at the Cambo House.
Portrait of the bride taken with 35mm analogue camera.
Black and white photos from a wedding in Scotland.
Light captured in the glasshouse at the Colstoun House in Scotland.Analogue photography of wedding flowers at a wedding in Scotland.

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