Wedding photography in Scotland on 35mm film

June 12, 2024

Embracing 35mm film wedding photography

This wedding season I started carrying my film cameras to every wedding. Drawn by analogue’s nostalgic and unique aesthetics that digital can’t replicate, I was ready to embrace different approach as a 35mm film wedding photographer, one that’s more intentional and thoughtful. I decided to shoot more film because of it’s authentic and timeless quality. Each shot feels like a piece of artwork.

My 35mm film stock choices for this season are Kodak Gold & Portra 160 & 400. Kodak Gold is perfect for warm tones and versatility while Portra is renowned for its dynamic range and it handles well varied lighting conditions, whether is an outdoor sunny ceremony in Scotland or an indoor wedding reception.

35mm film wedding photography in the UK. Wedding dress photographed with analogue camera.

Bridal portrait taken on 35mm film camera.

Farm wedding ideas for a wedding in Scotland.

Bride doing her vows at a wedding on the family farm.

Receiving Film Scans

Unlike instant digital previews, the anticipation of receiving film scans is unmatched. I used to develop my own film & prints but now send the film to the photo lab. Waiting for film development builds excitement and when the scans finally arrive, I enjoy seeing those natural moments captured in such a timeless fashion. It’s like reliving the wedding day all over again. The energy, joy and togetherness are tangible.

Wedding ceremony at the Melville Castle. Wedding decor photo taken with 35mm film camera.Bridesmaids photos taken with 35mm film camera. Wedding marquee at the Gilmerton House in Scotland. Bridal portrait taken with black and white analogue camera. Wedding couple photographer by an analogue photographer in the UK.

35mm film wedding photographer

The photos below are a mix from weddings this Spring and Summer. Abbie & Joe’s garden wedding in the Scottish Borders; Molly & Tom’s stylish wedding day at the Gilmerton House in East Lothian; Gina & Toby’s farm wedding near Kelso; Gabriella & Joshua’s elopement at the Melville Castle and Jackie & Stuart’s Spring wedding at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh.

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Edinburgh photographer capturing the wedding on 35mm film. Wedding couple portrait taken with Nikon F100.Wedding desserts on a Summer day.
Wedding guests posing for 35mm film wedding photographer. Summer 35mm wedding photography by a photographer based in the UK. Wedding guests at a garden wedding in the Scottish Borders.Bride and groom outside the Melville Castle.Wedding couple posing for analogue photos at Melville Castle.