April & Ben’s Romantic Elopement at the Roulotte Retreat

May 18, 2023

The Rustic Charm of Roulotte Retreat

After spending eight years together, April and Ben made the decision to elope to Scotland. During their search for ideas, they discovered Roulotte Retreat, a unique glamping site located in the scenic Scottish Borders.

The meadow houses seven traditional French-style caravans called roulottes. With a capacity of accommodating up to 22 guests, the roulottes make it an ideal location for intimate weddings. Additionally, the entire site can host up to 35 guests, making it suitable for micro weddings. The retreat also features a cozy studio, perfect for wedding receptions, and a colorful gypsy bowtop caravan, serving as a charming backdrop for wedding ceremonies.

I was very impressed how the owners went above and beyond to create this accommodating space.Without a doubt, Roulotte Retreat is my top recommendation for small weddings and elopements in the Scottish Borders.

Elopement at the Roulotte Retreat

The couple have traveled with their 8 month son from Derby. In the morning of the wedding, April and Ben were getting ready in two separate roulottes and didn’t see each other until meeting near the pond for their First Look. They walked together for the ceremony which took place in the front of Ruby, the bowtop caravan. The couple exchanged their vows in the presence of a local registrar with owners of Roulotte Retreat acting as their witnesses. Their little son was there too, making it a precious family moment.

After the heartfelt ceremony, the couple returned to their cozy roulotte to enjoy a relaxed picnic-style lunch. The celebration was very casual and intimate, just as they wanted.

 Roulotte Retreat wedding ceremony in the front of a gypsy caravan.April and Ben getting married at one of the most unique wedding venues in Scotland, a gypsy caravan site Roulotte Retreat. Couple exchanging their wedding vows in front of the gypsy caravan. April and Ben exchanging wedding vows during the ceremony with their little child in Scotland. Elopement photos at the Roulotte Retreat in the Scottish Borders . Wedding couple posing for a photo after their elopement ceremony at the Roulotte Retreat in the Scottish Borders.

Scotland Elopement Photographer

Although they hadn’t planned to have a photographer initially, the couple couldn’t resist capturing the magic of their wedding ceremony. Looking for natural and authentic photos, they got in touch and since I always wanted to visit Roulotte Retreat, I happily agreed to document the day.  Roulotte Retreat is just another gem I can add to my best places for a Scottish elopement and a perfect alternative for couples looking for ideas how to elope in Scotland a bit closer to the border, and hence more budget friendly.

April & Ben’s love story reminds us that sometimes, the most extraordinary moments are found in the simplest of celebrations. Wedding couple standing in the front of the gypsy nomadic caravan.