Timberyard micro wedding in Edinburgh – Sophie & Iain

June 30, 2023

Timberyard, foodies dream wedding venue

Sophie and Iain first crossed paths in Suffolk and their shared passion for food took them on many adventures, in the country and abroad. While visiting  Edinburgh to meet Iain’s parents,  they discovered Timberyard Restaurant on their first date in the city. When they got engaged, it didn’t take long to agree on the perfect wedding venue!

Located in a 19th-century warehouse, Timberyard has its own charming courtyard, ideal for hosting outdoor wedding ceremonies. The restaurant’s intimate setting is perfect for gatherings from 20 guests, and it can accommodate a maximum of 75 guests for a seated dinner. For smaller, more intimate occasions, the more intimate shed can seat up to 10 people.

Located close to the city centre, there are many great locations for wedding photos. Starting from the red door and the courtyard, and the Vennel is only 5 minute walk away. Timberyard is one of my favourite wedding venues in Edinburgh, and top venue host a micro wedding.

Music band: Saltire Street Band

Celebrant: Lara Celini

Hotel in Edinburgh for wedding preparations. Bride getting ready at the Gleneagles townhouse in Edinburgh. A setup for a small wedding ceremony at the Timberyard in Edinburgh. Groom waiting for the bride outside the Timberyard restaurant. Bride walking down the aisle at the Timberyard wedding. Sophie and Iain exchanging wedding rings at their micro wedding in Edinburgh. Canapes served at a wedding in Edinburgh at the popular restaurant Timberyard. Wedding group photos taken outside Timberyard restaurant in Edinburgh. Sophie and Iain posing for their wedding photos at the Vennel. Scotland wedding photographer capturing wedding in Edinburgh city. Wedding meal at the Timberyard restaurant in Edinburgh. Couple posing for wedding photos at the Timberyard. Sophie and Iain posing for their Timberyard wedding photos. Brass band playing music at the Timberyard wedding.

3 reasons to host a wedding in a restaurant

Catering and Cuisine: restaurants are known for their food and culinary expertise. By hosting your wedding in a restaurant, you can be confident that your guests will be treated to delicious meals prepared by professional chefs and  you can choose from a variety of menu options to cater to different dietary requirements.

Intimate Atmosphere: restaurants usually have a warm and inviting atmosphere, creating an intimate and cozy setting for a wedding day. The smaller and more personal space can bring guests closer together. Restaurants usually already have beautifully designed interiors, which can significantly reduce the need for decorations. With the right restaurant, you can save on decoration costs while still enjoying an elegant and stylish atmosphere.

Cost-effectiveness: compared to traditional wedding venues, hosting a wedding in a restaurant can be more budget friendly. Instead of renting a separate space, you may only need to cover the cost of food, beverages, and any additional services.